Is your team missing the benefits of workplace connection? Remote working can have serious implications for some of your team and the potential to seriously derail your business. Online play might just have the answer!


Belonging is one of the most important needs we humans must fulfil. It’s essential for healthy functioning and wellbeing. Through play, we can build connections that will give us stronger, bonded and more resilient teams.

Businesses are learning fast how to use technology to keep our teams in touch during the Covid-19 pandemic. We all want our people to come out of this with good mental, emotional and physical health; as well as the business to survive and thrive.

It’s normal to crave contact with people we spend most of our time with, especially when that contact is suddenly removed. During this time of social isolation and business uncertainty, people are missing their work colleagues and friends – they’re feeling vulnerable.

One of our biggest challenges is to stay connected. Everybody is different in how much contact they need and how much they’re affected by the loss of contact. Some cope better than others.

 Let Carolyn and her team of ‘funsters’ help your virtual teams discover what she’s known and shown for a long time – that fun is a serious business. Carolyn’s secret weapon is the art of online play. 

As a renowned leader in her field, she joins world-leading fear, shame and vulnerability researcher Brené Brown and many others, promoting the evidence-based benefits of team play during the coronavirus – and beyond. Carolyn is known for helping leaders understand and address the psychological games people play – often unwittingly – when they’re acting out of fear or uncertainty. Now, she brings her years of creativity and playfulness to the fore, keeping teams positively connected to each other and the company, and supporting business needs, by facilitating a regular fun-based Happy Hour team meeting. 

Gathering the troops needs great facilitation. Carolyn and her people will get your people energised and bonding. She’ll hold them in a safe, fun space. She’s been at this facilitation business for years – known for her ability to bring creative approaches to tough talk – now she’s free to bring playfulness into tough times of a different nature. Bond your people in a Happy Hour of team building that marries traditional team building techniques with the unusual, to get the outcomes you need. When this is over, we can play in-person and online. For now, let’s do online!