Personal Profiling

One of the approaches Carolyn uses in her transformational work, is the scientifically proven Enneagram. It is a remarkable and powerful tool, meticulously designed and tested to offer a deep dive view of you, your people and the interplay of your teams.

Working with the Enneagram, Carolyn brings astounding accuracy, insight and strategies to help you know and shift how you think, feel and act towards yourself and others. She enables you to see what you often can't, as much of this is hidden and driven by your sub-conscious mind.

A rigorously tested, online questionnaire, quickly produces a comprehensive report that provides awareness of your motivations, beliefs, defences and fixed behaviour patterns. It identifies how you communicate, the things that get you stuck or frustrated, how you respond to conflict, your core fears and how these trigger you. You will recognise your gifts and detect your blind spots, identifying and working through the things that trip you and your people up. Carolyn's expertise in this specialist field means she delivers results for those leading high performing teams, profiling, problem-solving and growing the best.

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