Leadership and Cultural Change

The challenges contemporary leaders face is immense. In an ever-shifting cultural landscape, you are asked to turn your leadership knowledge and skills into actions that improve cultural norms in the workplace.

Carolyn's expertise in behavioural science, lends itself well to the cultural pioneers she supports. She is interested in those keen to stretch the boundaries of current thinking, who understand that behaviour sits at the heart of an organisation; and who know that getting culture right enhances not only the health and wellbeing of people, but of safety, performance, effectiveness and ethics.

Carolyn will work with you to diagnose current culture, identify desired behaviours, and define the shifts and the programmes needed to engage your people in cultural change. She supports management and leadership role modelling and the aligning of systems and processes to culture. She works at the confluence of leadership, decision-making and behaviour. Cultural changes cannot happen without leadership, and efforts to change culture are the vat in which leadership is developed.