Carolyn Stenhouse is an internationally-renowned development master coach, who helps grow movers and shakers.

Her clients are typically executive and senior leaders, middle managers and ambitious individuals with unique challenges and goals - people who want or need to have a greater presence and achieve great things.

If you want to leave a lasting impression through genuine confidence and charisma, if you want to have authentic impact and influence, she's the one you want by your side.

Carolyn will help you see and understand how you're 'showing up' - how you think is central, but it is also about how you feel, sound and present yourself. She'll help you get to your own personal 'Wow'.

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Personal Impact Coach

We all have hidden fears and limiting beliefs, but we don't always recognise or understand what's holding us back. Carolyn is the guide you need by your side to think and feel about yourself in a new way. She'll help you identify and set yourself free from limiting beliefs and find your Wow.

The Leader's Silent Partner

It's tough being at the top and feeling like you have to be perfect at all costs - but you can safely lean into your soft spots and still be powerful. Carolyn is the silent partner you need to confidentially guide you to be at your best, for you and your people.

Personal Profiling

An instrumental part of Carolyn's transformational work is to use the scientifically-based Enneagram approach to discover your unique personality type and illuminate both your true potential and your challenges - the things that hold you back (often without you even realising it).
Having your own Enneagram report, together with Carolyn's master coaching in this highly specialised field, will give you powerful insights and awareness into your subconscious motivations, beliefs, defences and fixed behaviour patterns - the things that get you stuck or frustrated. The Enneagram is based on nine different personality styles, each representing a worldview and archetype that resonates with the way you think, feel and act towards others and yourself. But this remarkable tool is much more than a personality profile - it's meticulously designed to deep dive into your core personality traits, motivations, defence mechanisms and fears that often lie in the unconscious layers of our personality. Enneagram profiling also provides astute insights and results, for those leading high performing teams. It will support the development of your team, growing you and your people.

Organisational Consultant

Need to shift your organisational culture and values? Carolyn's the one you want alongside you and your leaders, movers and shakers to cut through the bull and get your people in harmony. When teams are dysfunctional or in conflict, the results can be disastrous. Carolyn's expertise and distinct approach as a master coach, behavioural scientist and organisational psychologist will help identify and expertly address challenging group dynamics, and sensitively re-shape those with a blind spot to how they affect others. She can intercept and help transform your people and teams from being your greatest cost to your greatest asset.

Events & Workshops

As a master coach and facilitator, Carolyn can help you develop and deliver a dynamic and engaging event, workshop or team planning day that hits the mark with your audience, messages and objectives. Best of all, she'll make it fun and engaging.

Keynote Speaker

Carolyn is a highly entertaining and engaging motivational speaker who inspires and moves people. She has years of experience as a keynote speaker and Master of Ceremonies, sharing her expertise and unique approach to topics ranging from leadership and change to team building and personal impact. Talk to Carolyn now about your upcoming conference, external or internal event needs.