When you’re looking for fresh perspectives and breakthrough results, a master coach is what you need. It takes courage to better understand ourselves, to come clean with the daily struggle of our fears and vulnerabilities, to know how we show up for ourselves and for others and to know who we really want to be when we are our best selves.


Carolyn’s years as a high-value consultant, trainer and outstanding master-coach, as well as her studies in psychology and behavioural science, have proved just the ticket for those at the top, running their own business, leading, or the kind of talent proving their trajectory as leaders of the future.


Learn how with Carolyn as your coach. Let her help build your confidence, skill and motivation, to be the kind of leader you want for you and your people.


Realising your potential

Coaching harnesses your ability to realise the vision you have of your future self. It brings deep insights into the patterns you run that help or hinder that future. You cannot get there alone, you need a skilled guide to help you see what you can’t, someone to support you realise your potential. A starting point is truly knowing yourself – self-mastery – it sits at the heart of living the life you want.


The one thing you can count on in a master coach is their ability to build a relationship with you in which they will care for you and be truthful with you – someone willing and able to see and say well what they are seeing and hearing. A great master coach will tell you the good stuff about your strengths – when you’re being great. They’ll also say when they notice you obfuscating, withholding, denying, rationalising or many other things that get in the way of you achieving your best self.


It’s sometimes all too easy to make excuses, to procrastinate and find ways of getting out of what you want to be attending to. Having a coach as an accountability partner helps you keep to your commitments. We all want to follow-through on those, yet it can be hard to stick with commitments. You need someone skilled at keeping you moving forward and holding you accountable for your progress.

Increased confidence

We can’t always spot self-limiting beliefs, but they’re there, lurking in the background, sending out messages that influence our decision-making and behaviours. These are the parts of us that ‘naysay’, the negative talk that stops us, scares us and limits us. These beliefs often show up just when you don’t need them. The excellence of a master coach will not only help you identify and shed the beliefs you’re running that limit your life, they’ll also help you build your confidence and feel good about yourself.

Better decision-making

Have you ever looked back and thought your perspective on something was clouded, ill-informed or full of judgment? Do you think you could have benefited from someone that brought a different lens to the situation? Sometimes our own lens brings preconceived notions or even prejudices, notions or poorly judged beliefs about what’s going on within us and around us. A good coach will give you a fresh lens that will help you make better decisions on things that matter.

Improve your relationships and get perspective

Sometimes you’re just too close to a situation and can’t see the woods for the trees. A coach helps you gain fresh perspective on what’s going on within you and around you. When you know yourself better, your habits and thinking patterns, you live aligned with your values; and with that you can improve the depth and quality of your relationships. Not only with those important relationships at work and in your personal life, but crucially, the one you have with yourself.


See yourself as others do

Impact and influence, we all want it, do you have it?

We all want to make great connections, to get the results we want and to leave them wanting more. It’s how you make people feel that matters and that’s shaped by how you walk, talk, look and think. These aspects, of how you are received and perceived by others, either help or hinder, how people feel about you. That has a direct correlation to the kind of personal impact and influence you can achieve.


Work with Carolyn, a skilled behavioural scientist, on the bad habits you don’t know you have; those that manifest in your body language, the way you speak and your facial expressions, the energy you bring into the room and the unhelpful thinking patterns you run. She’ll get behind why you do what you do, and quickly show you what matters in connecting with people for impact.

What if I told you there’s another conversation on the go to the one you think you’re having – the one people are really ‘hearing’. So many of us are focussed on the content of what we’re saying, we forget that most of what is being communicated, is through our body, our facial expressions and in the pitch, tone and rhythm of our voice. Of course, words matter, but the other conversation needs investment too. Self-mastery means paying conscious attention to the connection between your mind, your body and your voice. Do this and you’ll have the rare ingredients present among those great communicators you admire.