Consistently voted “outstanding – best in event” Carolyn is the one you want to wow your audience. She has years of international experience as a popular and entertaining keynote speaker. If you want to inspire, Carolyn brings the know-how. She energises a room, motivating and moving people with her trademark straight-talking approach to making the complex fun and engaging.


The Games That People Play

We are all engaged in psychological games. People around us invite us daily, into those that damage relationships and affect how we feel about each other. Most of the time the drivers are invisible, hidden to all the players. It takes skill to spot the game, to stay out and navigate a way through. Find out how.

The Anatomy of a Good Apology

Business has long known the benefits of a good apology for customer satisfaction and retention. Why then do so many of us still get it wrong for each other? In our rush to avoid our shame, pass the blame or own that we were less than our best selves we fumble around, avoiding, obfuscating and re-writing. Learn the anatomy of a good apology.

How to get from Good to Great

Exceptional success demands exceptional people. Most of us use only a fraction of our real capacity, in fact research shows that you’re only in control of what you do a staggeringly small amount of time. For most people that’s enough. Exceptional people do more, they want more and the way they get that is to know how to read themselves and others. This is not an easy discipline to master. Learn how.

Getting the Relationships You Want

Life is good when our relationships are good. If we are happy in our relationships, we don’t just feel better, we do better. We are more likely to get the results we want. We all know the feeling when a relationship is working well, or when it’s off key. Meeting our own and others’ needs is the sweet spot, the place where we thrive. Get skilled at going there.

Personal Impact – Do You Have it?

We all want to make great connections, to get the results we want and to leave them wanting more. It’s how you make people feel that matters and that’s shaped by how you walk, talk, look and think. These aspects of how you are received and perceived either help or hinder. Learn how to have the personal impact and influence you want.