A self-confessed ‘people geek’ and relationship expert, Carolyn is an internationally renowned keynote speaker, master coach and facilitator. She is breaking new ground in the way you understand yourself and those around you – the games people play and how that gets in the way of the relationships and results you want. A published researcher, and behavioural science expert, Carolyn combines the qualities of academic rigour with Scottish straight-talking and a bucket load of fun. She works in the leadership arena, where she has gained the distinctive accolade – People Whisperer – based on Carolyn’s exceptional ability to decode and understand people, as well as her reputation as an outstanding people developer and people problem-solver.

After years at the top of a UK Government Agency, Carolyn founded and grew one of Scotland’s leading consultancies. She spent years as a businesswoman and consultant, immersed in the world of social policy and organisational psychology, bringing spark to a serious arena.
If there is a team off the rails, Carolyn is the one to get the call.

Her ability to get people back on track is rare.

She quickly finds resolution, ensuring reputations and relationships are intact.

Her skills with people are exceptional and her reputation stellar.
Carolyn retains her love of travel, speaking, working with teams and individuals – getting leaders from good to great. After an antipodean speaking tour, Carolyn fell in love with more than the beauty of the land; while she retains longstanding links to Scotland, Australia is now a welcome home.
Proud to be part of the
Wholehearted Revolution