Meet Carolyn

As a behavioural science expert and organisational psychologist, Carolyn Stenhouse is breaking new ground in the way you understand yourself - how you're received and perceived. She's the one to have by your side when you're ready to know how you're showing up, why, and crucially, what to do about it.

Carolyn spent years at the top of a UK government agency and founded one of Scotland's leading consultancies, before moving to Australia where she's now based. Her stellar reputation as a popular keynote speaker and impact consultant sees her sought out by government and business leaders, teams and ambitious individuals ready to boost their impact and influence.

A published researcher and highly entertaining speaker, Carolyn combines the rare qualities of academic rigor with Scottish street smarts. You'll find her smart, sharp and straight-talking, as well as being fun, kind and compassionate.

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Carolyn's Clients

Below is a sample of Carolyn's clients:
Joseph Rowntree Foundation
Heart Research
Educate Plus
Welsh Government
Scottish Government
The NonProfit Alliance