I firmly believe we need to vastly improve our ability to decode human interactions if we are to get the relationships we want. We are all drawn into games that infect how we feel, think and act. In all our relationships that matter, the better skilled we are at spotting the motivations and unmet emotional need, in ourselves and others, the better able we are to have the relationships we want. If we get those, we are far more likely to get the results and outcomes we want, whether in business or in life.
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      People Profiling

      ‘We do not see things as they are, we see things as we are’

      Anais Nin


      Andrew Verspaandonk
      I recently needed Carolyn's expertise when dealing with a difficult professional problem. Not having had any previous exposure to her field of expertise I was pretty guarded in my expectations. However, I found her to be personally engaging and an excellent communicator. She was immediately across the situation and her analysis was spot on. Her solutions were insightful, practical and effective. I recommend her highly.
      Carmel Brown
      Life has taken on new colour since I met Carolyn. She helped me take off armour I didn’t know I wore. Her skills and experience changed my life in ways I never imagined. Words cannot fully describe how I feel about the benefits I gained from our work
      Darren Milne
      Carolyn came highly recommended from a colleague. She taught me self-mastery, particularly when I had the opportunity to sell my successful business. She guided me through that challenging process and played a part in a terrific outcome. Prior to seeing her, I felt like life was too busy and full of stresses, with little to no time for myself. Now my life is in balance, I'm happier, more settled and a lot calmer when facing difficult business and personal issues. I highly recommend Carolyn. She is very different from other professionals I'd seen. She brings fun, is straight-talking and offers a no-nonsense approach. She helped me change for the better.
      Claire French
      I can't speak more highly of Carolyn and the work we did together on my professional development. Our CEO was in the audience when Carolyn was a guest speaker. She felt we would be a good fit and her instincts were spot on. Carolyn's approach of moving you from good to great, by way of deeply understanding yourself and how to maximise your potential for the greatest impact, was remarkable and very appreciated. She has helped me know and develop the true qualities of best-in-class leadership. I have been able to look at problems in different ways and find more meaningful, lasting, solutions. I am a better leader today because of Carolyn. I should say that the work also had a significant and positive impact on other aspects of my life.
      Ruth Willis
      I have had blocks of development support from Carolyn. Our work together has had a profound, positive and lasting effect. Carolyn is amazing to work with - the sessions were intense and I needed to work hard, but the outcomes were immensely beneficial in all aspects of my life. I have a far greater understanding of myself and of those around me. Carolyn doesn't shy away from the tough stuff, but she does so with great skill, humour and the kindness of someone who cares. She helped me see my blind spots and supported me through the fears and misconceptions that were holding me back. Life is short, we only get one go at it, I realise we all need to make it count by being all we can be. If you work with Carolyn, you'll be in with a great chance that you will.
      Tanya Jackson-Vaughan
      SBS Head of Engagement & CSR | Winner 2018 AFR Women of Influence
      As a human being and a leader I was spent when I started working with Carolyn. We met when she was speaking in Sydney at the Non-Profit Alliance. As Executive Director I had weathered many storms, but a particularly toxic period at work had really challenged my ability to lead the organisation. I felt traumatised and my confidence was shattered. Over six sessions, we unravelled the situation and found a way through. Carolyn is forthright, funny and fearless. She took me on a journey of self-discovery that has taken me back to running an award-winning organisation that is making a huge difference in people's lives. Carolyn is inspirational and life-changing. I am a better, more confident and able leader thanks to her. She was my guide on the scary journey of self-discovery. She showed me that being vulnerable allows you to become powerful. I have found my self-worth, my self-belief and my happiness thanks to her.
      Gillian Ogilvie
      I met Carolyn when she was guest speaker at a Women in Property event. That was over 10 years ago and since then she's been my Go-To guide whenever I've felt stuck, challenged, or ready to grow. That early encounter changed my life. If you'd known me back then, you wouldn't recognise me now.

      Just six sessions with Carolyn changed my way of thinking, my approach to life and how I looked. It was one of the wisest investments I ever made. The impact of our work together has been profound and lasting. Carolyn helped me shift my lens and learn to be curious about whether my responses and the stories I tell myself are sound. She helped me understand my triggers and discover how to find a much easier way through challenges. My relationships are stronger and my decision-making better.

      I am now Managing Director, and co-owner of my engineering firm and now as well as continuing to help me grow, Carolyn is also working with current and emerging leaders in my Practice. I credit the work I did with Carolyn as the turning point in achieving the success and fulfilment I now enjoy, and I am delighted to now pass that opportunity on to others.
      Nicci Dent
      If you need someone to wake up an audience Carolyn is a stand-out speaker with memorable insights. She is also a skilled Team Psychologist who helped me with a staff restructure and in connecting a new team. I would highly recommend her for team change and development work. During a change process, we were mindful of the needs of our people. The Enneagram profiling and development tool underpinned our work, fast-tracking personal understanding, group dynamics and improved communication.
      Paul Gill
      I first met Carolyn while attending a leadership course and 'wow!' what a joy and supportive experience that was. Carolyn is so in touch with how you should conduct yourself and how to bring your strengths and limitations together to become a better person, professionally and personally.

      With Carolyn, I truly believe that anything in the world of leadership is possible.
      Ann Badger
      Carolyn was the inspirational keynote speaker at the annual Educate Plus conference. She was warm, humorous, insightful and witty, cutting through theory to give us all ways of understanding ourselves and how to better relate to others.

      Carolyn would be a wonderful person in a workplace coaching or mentoring individuals and teams to help them realise their potential. Wonderful!
      Beth Wright
      'Wow' is the only way to describe Carolyn. She ran a 'good to great' workshop for our Women's Network and the feedback was exceptional. Carolyn puts everyone at ease and her energy, fun and passion is infectious. We tackled tough subjects constructively.

      I cannot recommend Carolyn highly enough. We will have her back!
      Olivia Brown
      Partner, MorrrisBrown Communications
      Working with Carolyn has been the single most valuable learning experience of my professional life. It would be impossible to over-state the impact that our work had on me, or how widespread the rewards have been. I found the benefits and the changes extended well beyond my professional life. Our work fundamentally reshaped my understanding of myself, my strengths, my value, and my values. It also changed for the better, how I interact with those around me, particularly in challenging situations.

      While Carolyn draws from a huge range of disciplines, working through the Enneagram was a particularly eye-opening exercise that I continue to use to this day. The power of this tool, and Carolyn’s unique ability to bring it to life and help you understand it fully is invaluable. I could not recommend working with Carolyn more.
      Cindy Goodwin
      General Manager, Corporate Development, Australia Post

      “My experience working with Carolyn has been truly transformational, from both a professional and personal perspective. I absolutely love how Carolyn leveraged her deep expertise from a variety of disciplines, her experience working with senior leaders and teams across the globe and used highly effective tools (such as the Enneagram) to tailor an intensive program that was instrumental in achieving my leadership development goals. I would highly recommend working with Carolyn!
      Monique Cerreto
      Head of Communication and Media, Leukaemia Foundation

      “My work with Carolyn has been nothing short of transformative. Initially, I aimed to elevate my leadership skills, however what transpired during this experience far exceeded my expectations, bringing about profound shifts that have positively impacted many facets of my life. Carolyn's sessions weren't a breeze, she asked challenging questions, continually encouraged me to explore beyond my comfort zone and supported me through difficult situations – always with kindness, empathy, and great insight. What stood out for me, and is something that I still use today, are all the insightful disciplines, models and theories Carolyn shared in our sessions (including the Enneagram). If you are looking to experience growth and transformation in your life, without reservation, I wholeheartedly recommend working with Carolyn."